I’m a sculptress, art director, and model maker focused on stop motion animation and audiovisual content.

In the last ten years, I have worked with teams from different animation studios and production companies.

During that time, I created my own studio based in Buenos Aires, developing commissioned projects, with a focus on advertising slots for brands such as IBM, Ikea, Motorola, Coca Cola, Nintendo, among other companies.

Regarding my latest experience in film, I’ve worked as senior model maker at Laika Studios. 

In my personal artistic projects, I focus on small-sized ceramic sculptures where I depict characters in everyday situations.

I’m interested in researching the human figure, its gestures, and the space we inhabit.

I have enjoyed making small things and working on the tiniest details since I can remember.








Argentina: +5411 6462 1540

USA: +1 971 570 5862